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Swiss Beauty Academy, based in Zurich and Lausanne, is a professional beauty school offering a wide range of training and workshops in the area of beauty care with the possibility to be taught in different languages such as German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French.

Our beauty school offers Courses of Hairdressing both for those who want to start in the area and for professionals who want to improve their knowledge with our Courses of Hairdressing; as well as various formations in the Aesthetics area, whether it is directed to the well-being and personal care (with our Cosmetic School with courses from Facial Treatments to Epilation Techniques), as well as in the area of Medical Aesthetics, with the courses of MicroneedlingNatural Cosmetics and the various courses of our Massage School. We also have a variety of Nails Design training at our Nails School where our students have the possibility to learn all the basic teachings and can even specialize in some of the latest techniques through our Workshops.

At Swiss Beauty Academy, all training is taught in small groups, in order to ensure greater support for our students along the way, guaranteeing their success.


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Swiss Beauty Academy is a professional beauty school, located both in Zurich and Lausanne, who offers courses in the area of hairdressing for beginners and for professionals in the hair industry who wish to specialize or refresh their knowledge.

In our Academy for Hair Professionals, the hairdressing courses are available in three options: Unisex hairdressing course (18 months long), Ladies hairdressing course (12 months long), and Men hairdressing course/Barbering courses (12 months long). As for the Refresh or Specialization courses, the minimum duration is one month, being at the choice of the student who, in agreement with the trainer in question, will decide which points he/she considers most important to review and deepen.

As in all of our Academies, the classes are divided into small groups to allow you a better accompaniment from our trainers and are also available in your mother tongue.

The Swiss Beauty Academy’s School of Cosmetics and Aesthetics is specialized in a variety of areas of the beauty sector, from Natural and Medicinal Cosmetics to basic beauty care through Manicure and Pedicure Courses, as well as facial and body beauty care. Our training courses have a minimum period of 6 months, where you will learn the basic initial contents to start in the industry, or you can opt for 12 months of training with more specific content that will guarantee you a wider offer in the market. The classes in our School of Cosmetics and Aesthetics also have the option to be taught in your mother tongue. They are also oriented in small groups so that our trainers can guarantee you better support along your journey with us.

Swiss Beauty Academy offers professional training in nail design. The initial basic nail course lasts 3 months, covering all important areas of nail cosmetics. Our nail design training is aimed at people who are looking for a quick entry into the professional nail design market as well as recognition from clients and the market itself. As in all our courses, there is also the possibility that the training is oriented in the mother tongue of the student. Through small groups, we guarantee intensive and personalized support to the students in our training. To get to know our training better, we offer you the possibility to try one of our classes from Nail Design Academy free of charge and without any commitment!

The Swiss Beauty Academy, Professional School of Makeup offers courses of 3 to 6 months, such as Self Make-up Course and Professional Make-up and Visagist Course. We also have available Makeup Workshop such as Microblading, lasting only days. Our Professional Makeup School is aimed at people looking for a quick entry into professional life, as well as recognition from clients and the market. The classes are oriented in different languages and in small groups, in order to guarantee you an intensive and personalized accompaniment.

Swiss Beauty Academy School in Zurich, offers Massage Course. We are training professionals to work in this area, with this professional qualification we offer courses and seminars in Portuguese. Our school offers the Massage Course in several languages. The current offer can be found on our website Swiss Beauty Academy. Practical classes are partly held in mixed groups, which allows interaction with other cultures during the course.

Beauty Workshops

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Eyelash Extensions

Long, curved eyelashes are the best way to highlight the look. Swiss Beauty Academy offers a wide-ranging eyelash extension course, where you’ll learn everything from placement technique, safety measures, to post and pre-placement counseling.

Microblading & Powder Brows

The traditional Japanese Tebori technique gives the eyebrows a full and harmonious silhouette. Become a master expert in the eyebrows design field


The skin is our biggest organ, but also the most sensitive. That’s why each one of these courses, designed for aesthetic professionals, was meticulously developed and structured so that in a single intensive class, you absorb all the necessary knowledge and techniques.

Chemical Peeling

We will work with microdemoabrasion machines, such as diamond peeling, crystal peeling, and ultrasonic pelling; rejuvenating acid, depigmentant acids, stimulating acids, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, mandelic acid and others and will also include in our schedule products for physical exfoliation.


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