The New Marketing – Marketing in the Information Age

Understand the demands that make up the study of marketing and, through this article, how they are being affected and used by large companies to transform sales into an activity far beyond the conventional. Sell what the customer does not know he wants before he finds out he needs: this is the secret! Have you ever heard of Akio Morita? The genius behind Sony and the creation of Walkman. Morita is an example, before the emergence of BIG DATA, of how to make really innovative products even if consumers still don’t know they need or want a certain product. This is the work of successful marketing professionals. Ready to know the types of demand?

The New Marketing – Marketing in the information Age

  1. Nonexistent demand: when demand for a particular good or service does not even exist. A product may exist, but there is no one in the market willing to pay for it.
  2. Latent demand: a demand that exists, but no one can exactly explain it. It’s like the desire to eat something that you don’t know what it is, the desire is there, but you still have to find something that can be the object of this demand, this desire.
  3. Existing demand: a demand that exists and is met, such as demand for motor vehicles or for ice cream.
  4. Irregular demand: a seasonal demand that comes and goes as the market changes or the weather changes. It can be a demand that only occurs in summer or winter.
  5. Declining demand: an existing demand that will soon cease to exist as a result of external market forces.

And what other types of demand do you believe we can identify in the market today? You need to place yourself as a protagonist in the history of your business and in your own career, so don’t be afraid to create your own definitions and guide your business based on the practices taught by great masters in great schools and also on your own conclusions.

We talked about BIG DATA, but do you know what it is? BIG DATA is a form of data analysis to identify demands. These analyses lead to the identification of needs by consumers and generate, among other things, specific offers for needs that sometimes not even they knew they had – as in the case of latent demands. Keep visiting our website to find this and other hot marketing information or register for the Swiss Business Academy’s Marketing course at Your best choice to study in Zurich, Switzerland, and learn more about marketing in Portuguese with qualified teachers ready to help you achieve your goals!

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